Vietduc university hospital: improvement of medical services for foreigners

18/03/2020 11:15

Recently, an Indian patient, Mr. A. V., 43 years-old was hospitalized in Viet Duc University Hospital for injuries from a motorcycle accident. Mr. V. lives in Vietnam and works for a food supply company. In the 21st February 2020, as a passenger of motorcycle taxi, was hit on the leg by a drunk. While  being admitted to the hospital, Mr. V. was awake with fracture 1/3 upper left leg.

Assoc. Prof. NGUYEN Manh Khanh checked Indian patient

Physicians of Viet Duc University hospital performed the internal fixation of broken bones. Post-operative days, he was treated with antibiotics, pain-killers and anti-swelling medications. After one week, Mr. V was stable and discharged from  the hospital. He shared that he was happy for the attitude of physicians and nurses during his hospitalization. He added: “I have a friend doctor, well-known in India. When I sent my X-ray to him after the operation, he highly appreciated the qualification of Vietnamese doctors. I am so assured with the treatment here.”


 Another foreign patient treated at Viet Duc University Hospital is Mr. L.J.Y, 52 years-old, from South Korea. He is the Director of a factory of mattress in Thuong Tin, Hanoi. During operation of system, unfortunately, his hand was caught in the conveyor belt at work accident.

Assoc. Prof. NGUYEN Manh Khanh was giving instructions to patient the post-operative rehabilitation

On admission, Mr. Y was alert with swelling scratches, thoracic pain, fracture middle third right humerus, fractures middle third bones right forearm, right radial nerve palsy and fracture of right 4th rib.  


At Viet Duc University Hospital, he got a timely emergency care with multi-disciplinary consultation including: Cardiovascular and Thoracic surgery, Anesthesiology and he was carefully assessed before performing the operation.


Assoc. Prof. NGUYEN Manh Khanh MD., PhD. – Deputy Chief of Institute of Orthopedics and Trauma surgery, Chief of Upper Extremity Surgery and Sport Medicine Department, Viet Duc University Hospital, directly operated for Mr. L.J.Y, said: We performed a surgery for rearrangement and fixation of the right humerus bone, right ulnar and radial bone and checking radial nerve injury.


Assoc. Prof. Khanh shared : “After one week of intensive treatment, patient is able to carry out and gets back hand function ; soft tissue is less swollen and he expects to be discharged in a couple of days ”.


With good infrastructure, qualified staff and good quality of diagnosis and treatment comparable to regional countries with reasonable cost, in recent years, Viet Duc University hospital has provided divers medical services in order to attract foreigners to come for diagnosis and treatment.


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