VietDuc University Hospital launches cashless payment method in 1C Voluntary Treatment Department

10/07/2019 19:40

In accordance with the Government’s direction on non-cash payment promotion and the Minister of Health’s instruction on simplified payment procedures, Vietnam-Germany Friendship Hospital launched a pilot implementation of non-cash payment solution for patients via prepaid cards in 1C Voluntary Treatment Department in September 2018. Since then, the solution has proved to be more convenient for both patients and the hospital.



Medical Checks to be quicker


Patients coming to 1C Voluntary Treatment Department will deposit up to 5 million VND into a prepaid card in order to pay for all treatment cost incurring during their stay in the hospital. This helps them not to pay for each fee during the treatment process, thus they can save time. After the treatment process is complete, the patients can withdraw the remaining money from the bank’s ATMs or transaction office within the hospital or elsewhere nationwide. They can also keep the card and the remaining fund in the card for the next treatment for themselves or for others such as their relatives or friends.


The Hospital’s Director, Professor Tran Binh Giang, said “Payment of treatment fee using prepaid card helps patients to shorter waiting time for each separate payment by cash. In the meantime, this helps us to easily manage the collection of fee with less number of cashiers required.”


After almost one year pilot, around 7,000 patients have used the prepaid card for their payment of treatment fee, accounting for around 40% of total patients. The ratio of patients using prepaid cards instead of cash is increasing as they are now aware of the pros of the cards.  


Patient Information linked with the Hospital’s files


The prepaid card is used not only for depositing money and paying treatment fee and withdraw remainder money. It also contains the patient’s information that is linked with the profile of the patients in the Hospital’s system. Therefore, all incurring treatment cost will be paid automatically and correctly with no human mistake, while helping hospital staff really focus on their professional duties.


This modern payment method is popular in almost all developed countries. In order to launch this solution, the Hospital and MSB well prepared all resources including human resources and technology as well as instruction documents for patients and their relatives to be familiar with the prepaid card and be able to use it correctly and easily.


Prepaid card helps reduce cash-related risks


Using prepaid cards helps patients and their relatives avoid losing money or being pickpocketed or robbed. As a central hospital, the Vietnam-Germany Friendship Hospital receives patients from across the countries. For patients from far away, depositing money in prepaid card will help them keep their money in safety. In case they run out of money, their relatives or friends can transfer money to their prepaid cards via the bank’s ATMs, internet banking or at transaction offices.


Mr. Giang revealed that in the coming time, the Hospital will work closely with MSB to launch more cashless payment solutions for all departments in the hospital.



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