You and I let try hard together, my sweet love!

20/09/2021 15:03

Maybe the image of patient N.V.M with doctors daily take care, encourage his wife – Mrs. N.T.H, also one patient is too familiar with doctors of Intensive resuscitation Covid-19 patient Center affiliated Viet Duc University Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City.


Daily, Mr. M takes care, talks, mentally encourages Mrs. H, his wife, together try hard, together in fighting against Covid-19


Both of them infected with Covid-19, but Mr. M had recovered much faster compares to Mrs. H who has many co-morbidities, used to be in severe state, unable to get through. And then, with the dedicated care from medical staff then the connection is like a priceless mental medicine that helps patients to assured treatment. Every day, Mr. M is aside to encourage “You and I let try hard together! My sweet love”. Now, Mrs. H can eat well, health condition is more stable, more mental excitement. The feeling of warm intimacy has really helped Covid-19 patients to miraculously recover.


Wish them recover health as fast as possible, soon to go back home, continue to accompany, sharing happiness on the road ahead!!!


Married couple Mr. M hold shoulders to encourage their partner together look forward to future.


With Mrs. H, the road ahead is a happy future because there is always an exemplary husband who wholeheartedly loves, cares for, and protects.


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