Heartwarming “0-dong trips” for patients in difficult circumstances

13/12/2023 07:50

With help from the benefactors, “0-dong trips” are continuing one after another to take poor patients back to their hometowns for free, multiplying love and exchanging smiles and optimism from the patients.

Hundreds of “0-dong trips” have rolled out, taking poor patients back to their hometowns for free

After nearly 20 days of hospitalization at Viet Duc University Hospital, Giang Thi De, 7 years old, H’mong ethnic group, in Yen Bai, was so happy to be discharged and returned to her family. The joy multiplied when she was offered 36 million VND from the benefactors, she shared: “I am very grateful to the doctors and other staff for their help. I hope to go back to school soon because I miss my teachers and friends very much.”

Giang Thi De, 7 years old, H’mong ethnic group, in Yen Bai returned home on the 0 – Dong bus of a benefactor

Ms. Cheo Mi Meo, 29 years old, on the free bus back home in Tam Duong highland district, Lai Chau province

The “0-dong trips” are supported by many volunteers, bringing smiles and

Love continues to be given. “0-dong trips” will be continuing to roll in all parts of country. Sincerely thank the generous hearts who have joined hands with the hospital to bring joy to patients in difficult circumstances and their families.


For all kind support, please contact:

Social Work Department – Viet Duc University Hospital, Room 246 – C3 building

Tel: 024.32668625 – ext: 5585


Account to support charitable activities of Viet Duc University Hospital:

Recipient: Viet Duc University Hospital

VND Account No.: 1222100700 222100700

At Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam – Ha Thanh branch (BIDV).

Content: Supporting patients in difficult circumstances.

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