Surgery for ovarian tumors, doctors discovered 22-year-old female patients with stomach cancer

10/07/2019 07:24 – In the process of ovarian tumor surgery for a 22-year-old girl, doctors of National Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology detected that patient also had stomach cancer, patient was immediately transferred to Viet Duc University Hospital for treatment.


A 22-year-old female patient, not yet married, usually has stomach-ache symptom, came to National Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology for consultation, patient has done more sub-clinical examinations related to ovarian tumor following doctor request. Patient was assigned to do an operation to remove the ovarian tumor.


During the surgery, doctors detected the stomach tumor that metastasizing to the ovary. Immediately, patient was transferred to Viet Duc University Hospital. At emergency abdominal surgery department – Viet Duc University Hospital, doctors had completely removed stomach, 2 side ovaries, curettage peritoneal metastasis. Currently, the patient is stable, after 3-4 weeks, chemotherapy will be conducted. 


Another case is a really young female patient, who is only 16 years old, just detected stomach tumor metastasized down to ovary. This girl has also be removed ovary, stomach, curettage peritoneal metastasis and chemotherapy plan when her health is better. Dr. Duong Trong Hien, PhD – Chief of emergency abdominal surgery department shares, because ovary has breeding development function so it is easily seeding cancer tissues increase. Two of mentioned cases are not rare to meet, as in reality like other cancers, stomach cancer is getting more rejuvenation.


“Through medical history analysis of these two patients, because patients have ovary tumor so when they come in for obstetric examination usually care about ovary tumor, while due to the patients are young the symptoms of stomach cancer are not specific, only feel pain within lower abdomen, hard to digest … hence, they tend not to pay attention”- Dr. Hien, PhD told us.


Also related to stomach cancer, doctors from Emergency abdominal surgery department just did a surgery to remove ¾ of stomach using endoscopy method for a special situation patient.

Dr. Duong Trong Hien, PhD visits a patient after his surgery to remove ¾ of stomach

The patient is Mr. T.A.T, 57 years old lives in Ha Noi with medical history of ở Ha Noi have a history of treating 6 years of ankylosing spondylitis, have scoliosis sequelae. The patient had surgery for a disc herniation many years ago. However, in recent times, patients with continuous epigastric pain, the most recent phase of 1 week of continuous pain increases with hunger and rapid weight loss.


The patient was health checked to another medical facility, did gastroscopy, colon. The endoscopic results showed that the patient had small ulcer on the stomach, 1.5cm in size. The results of anatomical tests also show that patients with chronic gastric mucositis are active, intestinal dysplasia, low dysplasia, HP negative.


According to Dr. Duong Trong Hien, PhD, the reason for this illness is especially because the patient had a history of scoliosis but still had a gastric bypass surgery with endoscopic methods with many advantages. Accordingly, the doctors have collaborated with anesthesiologists to conduct laparoscopic surgery to remove 3/4 of stomach for patient. The surgery duration was for more than 4 hours. The patient was recoving, 3 days after surgery, patient can fart, and removal of drains, 4th day of liquid feeding. Expected to be discharged from hospital this weekend. 


Share more about this case, Dr. Hien, PhD said, this patient has scoliosis, so the abdominal cavity is narrow, limiting respiratory function and cardiovascular function is poor, so if we do the open surgery, the muscle damage to the abdomen can be weak. abdominal wall, convex incision. In particular, patients will suffer from postoperative pain, even at risk of surgical site infection. Therefore, the doctors had a consultation to conduct endoscopic surgery for patient.


“Due to the large size of the ulcer and the high position of the cancer and when the biopsy is chronic and dysplasia – if normal development is normal, the gastric mucosa but in this case, the place is thick, the place is thin, appear intestinal mucosa. These are signs of early progression to cancer”- Dr. Hien, PhD said.


In Vietnam, up to 70% of the population is at risk of stomach disease, 26% of the population suffers from peptic ulcer disease, the risk of stomach ulcers is 4 times higher than in women. In particular, stomach cancer is increasingly rejuvenating, most of them under 40 years old account for about 20-25%. Dr. Duong Trong Hien, PhD said, on average, about 20 cases of gastro-intestinal illness per day, of which about 5 cases of patients have surgery on stomach related diseases per week. Most patients come with clinical symptoms associated with acute gastritis.


The gastrointestinal diseases such as gastroesophageal reflux – esophagitis, gastric ulcer of the esophagus … are common diseases but easy to miss with atypical symptoms such as heartburn, vomiting, abdominal pain, chest pain, difficulty swallowing, prolonged cough …



These symptoms are easy to relapse if not treated thoroughly, which can lead to many dangerous complications such as ulcers, stomach or cancer perforation, greatly affecting the quality of life. Hence, take care more of oneself health condition, pay attention to abnormal symptoms, therefore, might able to look for consultation and treatment as soon as possible.


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