Warning: Child nearly die because of brain tumor “treatment” using “keto” method

10/07/2019 07:20

Suckhoedoisong.vn – After consultation, doctor advised the parents should let the child undergo the surgery as soon as possible, but the family decided to bring their child back and has been using “keto” method as a treatment for the child. They only feed the child with vegetables, tofu, without meat, fish, dairy or protein …


Ass. Prof. Dong Van He – Vice director of Viet Duc University Hospital, Director of Neurosurgery center, Viet Duc University Hospital shares a story from last months, a couple around 40 years old take a 10 years old child from Vinh Phuc to see Ass. Prof. He for consultation.


“After the examination and checking the film, I said that the patient had to undergo surgery because of a glioma (a tumor that occurs in the brain and spinal cord – Journalist), need to remove by surgery. We planed and scheduled the surgery. However, a few days later, the couple returned to see me and said, “Please let us take the child to go home for few days because he is feeling better after taking anti-brain medicine.” My explaination to them does not work anymore, they took him back and promised “if he has any problem, we will bring him to see you right away”- Ass. Prof. Dong Van He told us.


Then, almost 2 months later, in the evening, the mother called Ass. Prof. Dong Van He saying the child is getting weaker, vomitting and becoming drowsy.


“At that time, I told the family immediately let the child hospitalized into emergency room. The next day, when I visited the patient, I saw him so thinner and weaker, lost 3kg comparing to the first days we met. I have arranged plan for surgery after that (I had to cancel one case in my surgery calendar). Explaining to the parent so they can agree to let him to surgery. Mid-night, the mother texted me for asking if there is any solution? The next morning, we invited the father to explain everything again”- Ass. Prof. He shares the story.

X ray showed the lesion of Glioma cells tumors in brain.

Talking to Ass. Prof. He at that time, patient’s dad asked again whether his child is healthy enough for the surgery? Or wait 2-3 days later until he recovers then will do the surgery!


“After being said, I know that patient’s dad was worried for his son, however from the current situation, immediately I told him if we wait his son will only get worse, cannot recover. Today is Friday, we cancel one surgery for your son. If we wait until Saturday, Sunday might badly affects his life. Patient’s dad spent a few minutes to think, he seems to agree with hesitation”- Ass. Prof. He told us .


The surgery duration was for 3 hours. The surgical team has removed out the tumor. The procedure was fine. Afternoon, the patient waked up a bit slow and weak in his reactions.


“Again I receive a text from patient’s mother with content: please give more nutrition to my son doctor”- Ass. Prof. Dong Van He said.


After that, through a small talk with patient’s family, Ass. Prof. He known, for almost 2 months the family brought the child back to home and had been using “keto” method from online and friends’ recommendation as a treatment. They only gave their son vegetables, tofu, without meat, fish, dairy products or protein …


“Resulted in losing weight and current state is getting worse, brain tumor increases in size. However, luckily that the parents still believe and promise with the doctor they will bring their child back to the hospital when doctor requests, otherwise we cannot do anything else”- Ass. Prof. Dong Van He shared. After few days of treatment, patient is discharged last week with a bright smile, walking normally.


Glioma cells are tumors that occur in the brain and spinal cord. This glioma comes from supportive adherent cells (glial cells) – this type of cell surrounds nerves and helps them perform their functions.

There are three types of glial cells that caused these tumors. Gliomas are classified based on the type of glial cells present in the tumor.

Types of glioma include:

– Astrocytes are astrocytes, astrocytes, and glioblastoma.

– Ventricular cysts include unspecified ventricular meningitis, papillary papillary cysts, and meningeal tumors.

– Less branching gliomas include less branching glioma, glioma, less branching, and star-forming tumors with little differentiation.

Symptoms of glial cell tumors are quite varied, manifesting depending on the type of tumor as well as the size, location and growth rate of the tumor.

Common signs and symptoms include: Headache; Nausea and vomiting; Disorders or impaired brain function; Lost memory; Change in personality or irritability; Difficulties in balancing; Anuria; Vision problems such as blurred vision, double vision, loss of peripheral markets; Speak hard; Seizures especially in people with a history of seizures.



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