Department of Septic Surgery

Expert team

Nguyen Duc Chinh M.D., Ph.D

Chief of Department of septic sugery; Deputy chief of General Planning Department

1995:  Some remarks on Postoperative peritonitis during one year at Viet Duc Hospital. J Surg of Vietnam Surgical Management of...

Pham Hai Bang M.D., M.A

Chief of Infection Control Department; Deputy chief of Department of Septic Surgery

1996: Management of Peritoneal tuberculosis during 5 years . J Surg of Vietnam 1998: Diaphragm hernia in adult treated surgically...

Nguyen Minh Ky M.D., M.A

Head nurse of Department of septic sugery

2011: Occupational accident  treated at Viet Duc and National Institute of burn from  2006 -2009.  co-writer. Journal of Clinical...