“Benevolent Day – Connecting for sharing” – 2023

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Offering the charity meals; Organizing the patient club activities, donating the  books, training yoga for patients; Providing free rides to bring unfortunate patients back to their homes… These are 5 of many activities taking place at Viet Duc University Hospital in response to the 7th “Vietnam Social Works Day” (March 25, 2016 – March 25, 2023) with the message “Connecting, Sharing – Spreading Love”.

Established under Decision 586/QD-VD dated 16/4/2015, up to now, Department of Social Works, Viet Duc University Hospital has become the bridge for many sponsors including agencies/organizations and individuals to volunteering activities at the hospital, supporting the patients with difficult situations or suffering from serious diseases… as well as effectively and professionally implementing social work activities in the hospital towards satisfaction of patients and their families.


Under the direction of the Hospital’s Board of Directors, in 2023, Department of Social Works will continue to grow stronger, operate more professionally, accompany patients towards the goal of comprehensive health care, so that social work becomes an extension arm in improving satisfaction and quality of medical examination and treatment in hospital.


Social work is an appreciated profession with many humanistic meanings. On the occasion of Vietnam Social Works Day 25/3, we would like to express our gratitude to the benefactors, sponsors- those who collect and give love to life, promoting the spirit of solidarity of Vietnamese people. Wish the social workers to stay young and full of enthusiasm!

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