Warm- heart for no charge of car to bring the patient back home with love and kindness

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Nearly 200 times accompanying the charity transportation to take poor patients back hometown for free, Mr. Nguyen Van Nam has unforgettable emotions and double happiness for sharing love and getting back smiles and motivation from patients.


This free trip to Mu Cang Chai, Yen Bai for a patient, Mr. Lo A Sua, 31 years old, H’Mong ethnic group, belongs to the program conducted by Viet Duc University Hospital and Auto Ha Thanh Joint Stock Company.

Patient Lo A Sua was on the car to return home.

Before that, Mr. Sua had a road traffic accident, and was hospitalized with  traumatic brain injury, cranial depression, right hemisphere subdural hematoma, Glasgow Coma Scores 13 points and right forearm injury. The patient’s family is a poor household, with parents and 4 children. The oldest child is 10 years old, the youngest is 10 months old. Mr. Sua is the main laborer of the family. For a living, Mr. Sua went to Hoa Binh to work as a hided worker. Unfortunately, he had a road traffic accident. His family borrowed 5 million VND to bring him to the hospital.

No charge (0 DONG) of transportation “gives a hand’ for poor patients to save moneys and accompany them to cure the diseases. Not only supporting the means of transportation for the patient, but Auto Ha Thanh Joint Stock Company also directly supports 2 million VND to each patient.

The free trips are still going on across country with love for sharing more people. Viet Duc University Hospital would like to thank the sponsors for their cooperation and companionship.

On the journey of sharing love, the hospital looks forward to continuing to receive the community’s cooperation.

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