Two groups 91 – 94 and groups 94 – 97 giving “Pink spring for sharing” to Viet Duc University Hospital

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To overcome the shortage of blood in the hospital and relief of pain of patients, on February 25, the members of Groups 91 – 94 and Groups 94 – 97 including the former students of HaNoi High School have organized a program blood donation “PINK SPRING FOR SHARING” at Viet Duc University Hospital and successfully collected 400 blood units.

Also at the program, these Groups donated 1000 charity meals to unfortunate patients being treated at Viet Duc University Hospital.

As a special surgical hospital, every year, Viet Duc University Hospital performs nearly 80,000 major surgeries and serious injuries. Every day, the hospital receives and treats about 2,000 patients from provincial levels, so the demand for blood products for emergency and treatment is very large. Shortage blood often occurs, especially during the summer, holidays and Tet. Therefore, the community’s sharing with hospitals and patients is extremely valuable.


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