Sentimental 0 dong trips bring patients back to their hometown to reunite with families

14/08/2023 10:38

With the spirit of “good leaves protect torn leaves”,love other like yourself”, the 0 dong trips by Viet Duc University Hospital cooperates with sponsors bring poor patients back to reunite with families after hard days of hospitalization became a spiritual fulcrum for hundreds of patients with difficult circumstances.

There were hundreds of 0 dong trips bring poor patients back to hometown for free, which reduced expenses for them.

For drivers, each charity journey has stories, unforgettable impressions but the most happiest is safe on every road brings patients to reunite with families and spreads good deeds in life.

Patient Trinh Dinh Ty and his family returning hometown in Vinh Loc – Thanh Hoa on the free trip 0 dong trips prolong loves

On the journey to share loves, in the past years, Viet Duc University Hospital is excited to receive much companions of many philanthropists, benefactors together organized many charity activities like charity medical examiniation, provide free meals, benevolent porridge pot, arranged hundreds of 0 dong trips bring poor patients back to hometown for free. Viet Duc University Hosptial sincerely gratitute for joined hands, accompanied by philanthropists and benefactors.


For all kind hearts, please contact:

Social Works Department – Viet Duc University Hospital, R. 246 – C3 building

Tel: 024.32668625, ext – 585

Viet Duc University Hospital charity donation account:

Beneficiary: Benh vien Huu nghi Viet Duc

Account number (VND): 12210002100700

At Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV)

Content: Ung ho benh nhan hoan canh kho khan

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